Nice Article: Worth A Read Sums up UPA I & II Performance

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Advani to declare Modi as PM candidate

As per OneIndia News, LK Advani will declare NaMo as the PM candidate of BJP for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This could happen as early as end of July 2013 in a well publicised news conference.Advantages:(i) gives BJP a headstart ahead of Congress and puts pressure on them to

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SC passes landmark judgement to reduce criminalisation of politics

Kudos to SC. As  per the historic judgement, MPs / MLAs will be disqualified if convicted by a court of law. Currently, people appealed against the lower court orders and continued to be in Parliament / Assemblies. The membership can be re-instated if Supreme Court acquits the person concerned. Also

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Rumours of S. Swamy joining BJP

As per news reports, Subramanium Swamy is slated to join BJP. He is a one many army, an intellectual person and a sharp lawyer. Swamy has been fighting against UPA's corruption and his plank is similar to that of BJP. NaMo is believed to be backing him. He is also

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Hemant Soren arrives in life, becomes CM of Jharkhand

With the backing of Congress and RJD, Hemant Soren (son of Shibu Soren; Guruji) staked claim to form government in Jharkhand. He will become the 11th CM of a state formed as early as year 2000. The state has been under President's rule for 21 months highlighting the instability of

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Dirty Politics over Bodhgaya Blasts

All prominent parties in Bihar entered into a war of words and hurled accusations at each other following blasts in one of the most frequented by tourists location in India.Congress: Digvijay (loose cannon as he calls himself, I feel he is a joker though) hinted at a possibility of so

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Maya calls Modi unfit for PM’s job

Maya (who was lying low for quite sometime) yday thundered that Modi is unfit for PM's post. She took it upon herself to decide for the whole of nation whether NaMo can become PM or not. Mayaji let people of India decide. However, she offerred her name for PM's post.

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BJP gets into poll mode

BJP got into poll mode today with:(i) Rajnath visiting RSS headquarters - To get blessings and guidance from RSS(ii) NaMo addressing Bihar BJP workers for the first time post JD(U) split - Thundered that people of Bihar will teach JD(U) a lesson.(iii) Amit Shah (NaMo confidante and elections incharge of UP) visiting

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Is Congress preparing for early polls?

UPA’s decision to pass an ordinance on Food Security Bill has given rise to rumours that Congress is gearing up for early polls. 6 states (MP, Chhatisgarh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Mizoram and J&K) accounting for 79 Lok Sabha seats are slated to have assembly elections by year end.With the Food Security

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With Elections in Mind Congress Passes Ordinance on Food Security Bill

Congress passed an Ordinance on Food Security Bill which guarantees food at nominal rates (5 kg of foodgrains each month at Rs. 1-3 per kg) for 67% of the population. This was done in utter haste when Parliament is expected to convene in another 2-3 weeks. Another populist measure by

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