The Golden Era of Vajpayee

Image credit: In 1996 Lok Sabha elections, BJP emerged as the single largest party bagging 161 seats (+41). Congress lost 104 seats compared to its 1991 tally and finished at 140. President Shankar Dayal Sharma appointed Vajpayee as PM and asked him to prove majority. With support of 3

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Why Rahul is upping the ante against Modi?

Image credit: Rahul Gandhi made an allegation a few days ago that PM Modi had received kickbacks from Birla and Sahara group companies. He was pointing to the evidence in Birla / Sahara diaries case which Prashant Bhushan is currently pursuing in Supreme Court. BJP was quick to rebut

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Todi calls Fah & Jhootly amidst Demon

A satire on Demon which has grabbed headlines for the past 1.5 months across media platforms. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On a chilling winter night in Delhi, Fah was preparing to go to sleep. It was a hectic day. Campaigns and defending demonetization at each platform. So much so that he had to

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Know Your Neta: Jitin Prasad

Image Credit: Kunwar Jitin Prasada (born 29 November 1973), a banker turned, politician in the Congress Party, served in the Government of India as one of the youngest minister from 2004-2010. Elected from Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh, a state which sends the most lawmakers to Parliament and where his Congress

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Why BJP is front runner in Uttar Pradesh?

Image Credit: Uttar Pradesh (UP) elections due early next year are generating a lot of curiosity having all the elements of a Bollywood potboiler. Initial opinion polls suggest Mayawati’s BSP is ahead of BJP with SP a distant third. While BJP is grappling with the issue of whether to

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BJP’s 3 Pillar Strategy in Uttar Pradesh

Image credit:  

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Know Your Neta: Mulayam Singh Yadav

Fondly known as ‘Netaji’ by his supporters, Mulayam Singh has maintained his stronghold in Uttar Pradesh for quite a long time. MSY belongs to the Yadav sub caste froming part of OBC. Apart from the scams and some controversial statements by him in the past, Mulayam Singh is quite loved among

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यूपी में शीला बनीं सीएम चेहरा – ब्राह्मणों को लुभाने की कोशिश!

इमेज क्रेडिट: संभावनाएं सच हुईं. अगले साल होने वाले यूपी चुनाव के लिए कांग्रेस ने शीला दीक्षित को सीएम पद की उम्मीदवार घोषित किया है.  इस कदम से कांग्रेस का मुख्य फोकस यूपी की जनसंख्या में 9 फीसदी ब्राह्मणों को लुभाने का है. इसके साथ ही कांग्रेस ने प्रचार

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यूपी 2017 चुनाव के लिए बीजेपी के 3 आधार (पिलर)

Image Credit: गूगल डॉक के लिए क्लिक करें यूपी 2017 चुनाव के लिए बीजेपी के 3 आधार (पिलर)    

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Appointment of Shiela as CM face for UP – Part II of Congress Strategy

Image Credit: As expected, Congress announced Shiela Dixit as CM candidate of the party for UP polls due next year. The clear focus is to woo the Brahmin voter who forms 9% of population. Along with this, party appointed Sanjay Singh as the Chief of the Campaign Committee, belonging

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